One drawer chest

from "JEWELRY CHESTS" collection

This chest, which is a gem itself, is the perfect home for small pieces of jewelry.
I used a piece of magical apple-tree to make it but I intend to experiment and work with other types of wood as well.
Each detail here is unique and each piece of the chest is assembled with great care and attention.
Of course, I polish the wood to perfection (brilliance) and finish it with a combination of natural oil and polish cream.
The drawer handles are specially designed and created for each model.
The bottom of the drawer is covered with plush.

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One drawer chest

Handcraftedwith love.

Each of my products bears my sign – a guarantee for my work.

Any of the things that I've done, I can do it again on demand.

Length – 8 см (3.15 in)
Height – 6 см (2.36 in)
Width / Depth – 5.5 см (2.16 in)

Designed by Ivo Stamenov - OTTO