“Mrs Lamps”

My first idea to make lamps came from the street lamps of old Europe. They are very beautiful.

Thus appeared the series “Mrs Lamps”, which soon became not only street lamps.

It’s a big challenge to make a small model of a street lamp, because the details are very important.

I’ll tell you something – as I prepare the lamp model, I imagine a gentlemen who greets the ladies in one of the central streets of Vienna, Paris, Prague…many years ago.

That makes me pay attention to the details.

I have to make the little home lamp just as gorgeous and stylish as the street one.

It doesn't really matters what lights up the room. That may be an ordinary light bulb. It's enough to be surrounded by good friends.Well, anyway the lamps I do are very beautiful.

— Ivo Stamenov - OTTO

The making process…