Cello & Excavator

from "My Lamps Are Telling Stories" collection

This lamp is called Cello & Excavator.
I struck a piece of metal with the pickaxe and a few minutes later I was holding a very heavy lump of rust in my hands.
While wondering what I had just dug up I scrubbed it with a wire brush.
Suddenly it hit me – this was a tooth from an excavator, which must have been buried for at least 60 years (As I am familiar with this house’s history).
Then, an old barrel caught my eye, I took a pencil and a piece of paper and a before I knew it the idea for CELLO&EXCAVATOR was born.
Two months later, this lamp saw the light of day.

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This lamp is 52 cm tall and it stands st(ee)l.

Designed by Ivo Stamenov - OTTO